11 Reasons We Love Dominican NBA Cutie Karl Anthony Towns

The NBA is full of tall, dark and handsome supermen, but when a Latino is a overall first draft pick, we can't help but notice with pride. NBA newbie Karl Anthony Towns is a star player on the Minnesota Timberwolves, but he scores an extra three-point shot on our leaderboard for his neverending love for his Dominican roots. 

Towns was born in Edison, N.J. to a Dominican-born mother and African American father in 1995. But it was his trip to the Dominican Republic at 15 years old that made him fall deeper in love with his roots. Like most of us, arroz con pollo stole his heart at a young age, and the lanky six-foot-eleven center learned how to dance bachata with a little help from his big sister. 

Get to know more about the NBA cutie, and admire those muscles, in his #MCE-worthy photos below. 

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1. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 1

He's a picky eater, but he loves his Latin staples.

“I love arroz con pollo,” Towns told The Undefeated. “I keep it really simple and plain, to the point. My mom makes some of the best chicken and rice and I know why. She makes it how my grandmother makes it and the recipe was passed down. There is nothing better than having some of mom’s homemade cooking.

2. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 2

As a freshman in high school, he chose to play for the Dominican Republic during the 2012 Olympic Basketball Tournament, instead of Team USA. Pride on a million. 

3. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 3

The 21-year old has made it his goal to learn how to speak Spanish fluently in 2017. 

4. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 4

The NJ born and raised player loves coming home for an East Coast barbecue and good times with his family. 

5. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 5

We wouldn't mind one dance with the big man. He saves Latin music on his phone so the tunes are cued up for the holidays with his family.

6. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 6

We know he loves his Latin staples, but he still has to keep in shape! He doesn't eat pastries, red meat, or pork, so he's got plenty of room for chicken and other traditional cuisines. 

7. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 7

Take some time and enjoy the view. 

8. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 8

We love a young man who's accomplished so much. 

9. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 9

We love rooting for us on the court. 

10. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 10

Jet-setting in style. 

11. Karl Anthony Towns Hot Pics 11

He's a champion!