Kanye West Masks vs. Lucha Libre Masks

During his North American Yeezus tour, Kanye West has been sporting pretty peculiar face wear. You barely see the rapper’s face! Throughout his performances his face is covered by different masks . . . which seemed pretty familiar to us. Hence, we present to you a pre-Turkey Day standoff—Kanye West Mask vs. Lucha Libre Mask! 

1. kanye slide 01 el santo

Kanye West Mask No. 1 vs. El Santo

Yeezy’s face jewelry looks like a bunch of Chiclets glued onto a black mask. El Santo’s mask is elegant, sleek and damn near holy. El Santo is perhaps the most iconic Mexican luchador in history. Yeezus doesn’t have a shot.

Winner: El Santo

2. kanye slide 02 mil mascaras

Kanye West Mask No. 2 vs. Mil Mascaras

This is by far Ye’s most extravagant mask on the Yeezus tour. It appears as though he threw a bunch of Kim Kardashian’s gaudy jewelry onto his mask and viola! Mil Mascaras didn’t have a shot—you can’t defeat a Kardashian, you can only hope their 15 minutes are up.

Winner: Yeezy

3. kanye slide 03 tinieblas

Kanye West Mask No. 3 vs. Tinieblas

Kanye has a strobe light on his face. Tinieblas looks like a bee without eyes. And they both can’t see ish! While Kanye’s mask is a constant 1970s party, Tinieblas is buzzing around looking for honey.

Winner: Tie

4. kanye slide 04 rayo

Kanye West Mask No. 4 vs. Rayo de Jalisco, Jr.

Rayo’s black and white design feels like a Ying & Yang in the ring. Kanye’s black studded mask is one of his best on tour. Imagine seeing a masked Kanye, wearing said mask, performing “Jesus Walks,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” etc. Yowsa!

Winner: Mr. West

5. kanye slide 05 sicodelico

Kanye West Mask No. 5 vs. El Sicodelico

Brother to Mil Mascaras (this lucha libre runs deep, y’all), Sicodelico is one of wrestling’s infamous badasses. One look at his mask and it feels as if you’re stepping into the Twilight Zone! What would be the ideal mask for a creative genius/egomaniac to wear during his performance art? A diamond studded mask of course!
Winner: Sicodelico. Diamonds are forever but once you’ve stepped in the Twilight Zone, diamonds are obsolete.