A Timeline Of Kanye West's Asshole Behavior

“Why you think me and Dame get along? We assholes,” Kanye West rhymed on “Get’em High,” a track off his debut album The College Dropout. And 11 years later, he’s still the asshole you love to hate. Last night’s Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech at the 2015 MTV VMAs proved that: the minutes of silence, the use of the word “bro,” and, of course, the announcement of his 2020 presidential run.

Take a trip down memory lane as we reminisce over Ye’s biggest moments of assholery. After clicking through the slideshow, ask yourself this: is he really a narcissistic asshole? Or is he the asshole we deserve, but not the one we need right now?

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1. “Beyoncé Has The Greatest Video Of All Time…”

The now infamous 2009 MTV VMAs moment made almost an entire country hate Kanye and love Taylor Swift. After winning in the Best Female Video category for “You Belong With Me,” Swift was interrupted on stage by Ye during her acceptance speech. He said: "Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!"

2. Tweetin’ Apologies

Earlier this year, he took to Twitter to apologize to Beck for jumping onstage and almost having a Taylor Swift outrage 2.0. He also apologized to Bruno Mars... for unknown reasons. He tweeted: “I want to publically apologize to Bruno Mars, I used to hate on him but I really respect what he does as an artist.” Anyone who’s hated Bruno Mars at one point in their lives must have asshole tendencies. 

3. He Dresses His Wife Like A Deranged Barbie Doll

When was the last time you heard of a guy wanting to go shopping with his girl? Now, imagine a guy actually wanting to dress his girl for every single day of her life — like a child or a mannequin. "You want your guy to think you're really hot,” Kim Kardashian has said. “I'll put something on and [Kanye will] say, 'No, that doesn't look good', and I'll trust him." Oh, Kim. We actually feel a little sorry for you. 

4. He Has A God Complex

What does Kanye think of himself? Well, 2013’s Yeezus is your answer. He’s a god, a deity, not of this earth. On “I Am a God”, he raps, “I just talked to Jesus/ He said, ‘What up, Yeezus?’ I said, ‘Shit, I’m chillin’/ Tryna stack these millions/I know he the most high/ But I am a close high/ Mi casa, su casa/ That’s our cosa nostra/ I am a god.”

5. He Doesn't Know How To Take A Joke

Post-Swift incident, the comedy world had a field day. Saturday Night Live skewered the MC in a few sketches, and apparently Kanye doesn’t enjoy a good laugh. In "Power," he raps, “Fuckk SNL and the whole cast/Tell 'em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass." 

6. #NoDisrepectToBenAffleck #AllDisrespectToJimmyKimmel

In 2013, Jimmy Kimmel spoofed Kanye’s lengthy interview with BBC Radio I’s Zane Lowe, where he talks about being the number one rock star on the planet. The late night host had children act out the pompous interview on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. As we now know, humor and Kanye don’t mix. He took to Twitter, and let out a series of Kanye-esque disses: “Should I do a spoof about your face or you f***ing Ben Affleck…” And on and on and on. 

7. When Kanye Doesn’t Get His Way…

The Louis Vuitton Don loves.... well, Louis Vuitton and fashion. He requested a meeting with the head of the fashion magnate, but they refused to meet him in person. Of course, Yeezy wasn’t having it. “Influence," he told NOW Radio."They think that I don’t realize my power.”