Justin Bieber Reportedly Expelled From Mexican Ruins For Roaming Without Pants

Justin Bieber Reportedly Roaming the Mayan Ruins – Without His Pants!
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If you've taken a look at Justin Bieber's Instagram account lately, you know he's been traveling the world in high-class style. On his latest excursion, however, the 21-year-old singer got a little too up-close and personal with nature.

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Bieber was reportedly thrown out of an ancient Mayan archaeological site in Mexico after he took off his underpants and proceeded to climb on the ruins. Though tourists are permitted to climb certain ruins, Bieber was playing around on a site that was off-limits.

Police and guards of the site were called after the incident, and “invited the singer to leave”, Yahoo! News says. Officials did not specify which of the site's structures Bieber allegedly climbed, but they did say he was "carrying beer cans" and "taking selfies" before being asked to leave.

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In October, nude photos of Bieber were also released on the Internet, showing the “Sorry” star walking around outside on a terrace while vacationing in Bora Bora.