EXCLUSIVE: Junot Diaz Talks 'This is How You Lose Her,' Latino Men & His Love for Latinas

Love. Obsessive love, illicit love, fading love, maternal love -- that's the premise behind Junot Diaz's latest book. (And if you haven't read it yet, you definitely should!)

We spoke with the Dominican American Pulitzer Prize winning author about the deluxe edition of This is How You Lose Her (scheduled to be released on October 31), his love for Latin women and how society affects the way Latino men view relationships.

Do you feel Jamie Hernandez's (co-creator of Love and Rockets) artwork, in the deluxe edition of This is How You Lose Her, did well in representing your characters? How so?

I am a huge fan of his work, since the 80s. He always has this sort of storytelling in his art. It is a remarkable gift to have someone like him interpreting my work. He does great work -- it’s exhilarating. It’s like a wild holiday, to enjoy these wonderful gifts. I have seen all the pieces, but haven’t seen them full size. It’s one thing to have that on the computer, but it’s another to have it on paper in front of you. I enjoy the panorama of it.

Whose story did you enjoy telling most and which was the hardest – Nilda's, Flaca's or Magdalena's? Why?

I saw this book as one piece constructed out of fragments. But it was always this one lock, this one story. If anything, I think what I found most challenging was simply getting these fragments to work together to cohere to be more than some of their parts. It was all a challenge, but it was how to make a whole out of these interesting fragments.

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