EXCLUSIVE: Junot Diaz Talks 'This is How You Lose Her,' Latino Men & His Love for Latinas

What do you love about Latin women? What would you say is the one thing that sets them apart from everyone else?

Coming up in a Dominican community, I went to school with girls who had to survive the same things as me and a lot more. Yet the power of the women I grew up around, their strength of character and all of the courage to survive the lives many of us did, it has a tremendous impact on character. I think this is why I am dawn to Latinas. There is something astonishing and heroic about the raw human courage that is required for Latinas to mobilize and deal with their lives. When I deal with a Dominican woman she sees parts of me that many others haven’t. When I am with Latinas they see me fully, and they give themselves back to you.

How much of yourself have you revealed through Yunior? Over the years of getting to know this character, we've noticed a lot of similarities. 

I would say not much. I think that Yunior is as much a mask as it is as anything. It’s a way for me to hide, not a way for me to reveal myself.

Can we expect another book featuring Yunior down the road?

I hope so, but no one ever knows. My dream is always to have more books, to watch him slowly age. I have dreams, but I don’t know if life will give me to the opportunities to fulfill them.