EXCLUSIVE: Julissa Bermudez Talks 'Stand Up & Deliver,' Fashion Must-Haves & More!

Dominican American TV personality, Julissa Bermudez, has been making waves as a host since starting out on mun2's The Roof in 2003. Fast forward 10 years and Julissa has hosted everything from BET's 106 & Park to MTV's Jersey Shore reunions. The 30-year-old Dominicana was also the reason behind Style Network's reality show, Empire Girls, which followed her and best amiga Adrienne Bailon.

We caught up with Julissa recently to discuss her latest hosting gig with NUVOtv's Stand Up & Deliver, find out which celebrity's closet she'd raid, get the scoop on her fashion must-haves and more!

Read our exclusive with the super sweet and funny Latina below:

What is the best part about hosting a show like Stand Up & Deliver?

Honestly, it keeps me on my toes because I’m working with stand up comedians who are so witty and think fast on their feet, and they say anything and do anything so you have to be prepared for that. This was the first time I’ve ever hosted a show like this and in the beginning it was a challenge. They’re coming straight off the stage after doing their set and they’re talking to me, so they have all this energy off the audience and I have to be able to be on the same energy wavelength as them. I have to be mentally prepared for anything, because like I said they just say or doing anything. You have to be ready to be witty and on your feet.

Who would you say is one of your favorite Latino comics of all time?

Favorite Latino comics…I really love Anjelah Johnson who I had the pleasure of meeting and is also part of the NUVOtv family; I think she’s awesome and really funny. I love George Lopez! He’s so funny and has broken a lot of boundaries for Latino comics.

What would you say are the qualities to make a great host?

I think presence makes a great host, as well as listening and feeding off of the audience. You always want to able to engage with the audience and being able to ask the things that the viewers at home want to know. So if you’re present and listening, I think those are some of the qualities that for sure help with being a great host.

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