Judge Rules Shakira's "Loca" Hit Was Copied From Another Artist

Judge Rules Shakira's "Loca" Hit Was Copied From Another Artist
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A U.S. judge ruled that Shakira's Spanish-language hit "Loca" broke copyright laws.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a federal judge in New York found that the 2010 song infringed upon a song written by Dominican singer Ramos Arias Vazquez. Vazquez wrote the song "Loca con su Tiguera" in the mid-1990s.

The Spanish-language version — a collaboration between Shakira and Dominican rapper, Eduardo Edwin Bello Pou, better know as El Cata — sold more than five million copies and topped Billboard's Latin charts when it was released as a single.

Vazquez alleged that El Cata heard the song "Loca con su Tigeura" and asked him to record the tune. Bello denied this exchange, and claimed that he wrote the song based upon his relationship with his ex-wife.

In the ruling, Judge Hellerstein said that the single was based upon an early recording by El Cata, that, in turn, was copied from Vazquez's original song. "There is no dispute that Shakira's version of the song was based on Bello's version," the judge wrote in his ruling. "Accordingly, I find that, since Bello had copied Arias, whoever wrote Shakira's version of the song also indirectly copied Arias."

The judge dismissed the Sony Corporation and Sony Music parent companies from the lawsuit, but SonyATV Latin and Sony/ATV Discos, which distributed Shakira's Spanish version of the song, will be forced to pay damages.