Juanes On His Behind-the-Scenes Series: “I Feel Very Liberated”

Colombian international super star, Juanes, performed some of his chart-topping hits, including “I’m Worth Nothing Without Your Love” and “A Dios Le Pido,” on Univision’s Premios Juventud in Miami as selected by “Premios Juventud” fans. We got the inside scoop on his rumored return to Cuba, tour plans and the challenges of being in the music industry.

What has been the most difficult situation or challenge that you have had to face to as an artist to get to where you are today?

“Well, I think that any path in life can be difficult, not just in music. But I would have to say that about a year and a half ago I got into a rhythm of a lot of traveling (and) a lot of work. You have to learn to balance work, family, a personal life, it is a part of life. Life has its ups and downs. “

So you are in a reality show, one that comes straight from the heart where you are sharing your life with all of your fans, how does that feel?

“It’s not really a reality show. It’s more of a special documentary. We want to capture behind the scenes, in this case, my life, my travels, the good and bad experiences, and the decisions that have to be made. I feel very liberated.”

How does it feel to have worked with Juan Luis Guerra on your album?

“I feel very happy, very honored, and very appreciative to have had this incredible opportunity to work with this grand master of music. He is such a special and spiritual person. It’s a blessing, a dream come true.”

Is it true that you are returning to Cuba?

“No, not that I know of. I did read a tweet today that I was curious about, but I really don’t know anything about that.”

Are you thinking of doing a world tour?

“Of course! It will begin August 29th in Mexico, Central America, Latin America, Europe in October, then Argentina, and Uruguay.”

Check out Juanes’ official website for details on his upcoming world tour at www.juanes.net

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