Juanes Fires Back on Twitter After Fake Photo of Him Goes Viral

Juanes Fires Back on Twitter After Viral Photo of His Stance on Colombian Peace Treaty Hits the Web

Juanes is under attack and he's firing back. 

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A photo of the singer wearing a shirt that reads "I want peace. You? Vote 'No"' went viral leading people to believe he is against the cease-fire signed by the Colombian government and the FARC," according to E! News. The issue is that Juanes never wore the shirt and has come out to say the photo is fake. 

"If you know me well, you know I would never support anything like this. This image is a blatant photoshop," Juanes tweeted in Spanish. 

Juanes went on a complete rant in a series of tweets, firing back at those that accused him of not staying true to his Colombian roots. 

"My dream has always been and will always be to have an inclusive Colombia. I will do anything to have peace. I won't let anyone manipulate my feelings or opinions about my country. I've always thought that talking and having discussions is better than having a war. Haven't there been enough deaths? I am not part of any political group, and I'm nobody's puppet. I can decide on my own. No one owns peace. Peace is for everyone and everyone can have it if they want it." 

A follower tweeted him and accused him of being bought out by a political party and criticizing him for not actually living in Medellín. 

"No one pays me a cent to say what I think of my country, this is my way of thinking, and it will always be," Juanes tweeted. "Way better to see them fight with Congress than out in the fields with rifles." 

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Check out the photo that started it all: