Juanes Admits to Cheating on his Wife

We love Juanes, the singer has been a global ambassador for peace, bringing people all over the world together through the power of music. But a few years ago, he almost managed to tear his own family apart and for the first time he's speaking out about the infidelity that caused all the drama.

After three years of marriage to model/actress Karen Martinez (the couple tied the knot in 2004), reports surfaced that Juanes had been caught messing around with a gorgeous Colombian model. A few weeks later, Juanes and his wife announced that they had decided to separate. Although the cheating rumors were never confirmed, everyone assumed that they were the cause of the sudden split.

Now, Juanes is finally addressing the scandal, admitting to reporters in Mexico at a press conference to promote his new album P.A.R.C.E. that he made a mistake."I've had a good marriage, but there have been moments of crisis," Juanes said. "It's really hard to always be in the same place together at the same time...and at times you lose yourself, it's a human mistake."

He denied being a womanizer when pressed for more detail, but said it gets hard and he feels lonely when he is on tour and working all the time. Juanes also told the press that he'd made a mistake and was working on "fixing it with my wife."

"I was totally honest and told her the everything, even though it was very hard. The truth always saves the day." added Juanes.

“At times, relationships are difficult, but there are other times when you remember and find strength from them," mused the Colombian rockero. "It's good to finally realize that the place where you came from is the place where you belong."