Juan Gabriel's Secret Son Speaks Out for the First Time

Juan Gabriel's Secret Biological Son Speaks Out for the First Time About His Relationship With His Father
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Gasp! Who knew Juan Gabriel had a secret love child?!

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Primer Impacto sat down with the 26-year-old, who came out for the first time to discuss his relationship with his famous father, and what it was like for him to grow up without being able to talk about him. 

"It's been different, it's been hard but it's something that I have gotten used to," he said in Spanish. "It wasn't something that I wanted but it was something that I had to."

Gabriel left behind four children with Laura Salas, whom he described as the best friend of his life even though the two were never married. Borja Voces uncovered clues that led to him identifying the secret biological son the famous singer had. 

"He was very caring and would give me a lot of advice," his son said. "I would tell him how much I loved him and he would say how much he loved me. We had a father-son relationship that was as good as it could have been. I always wanted more."

During the interview, the son did open up about what he would say to his father if he were standing in front of him. 

"The only thing I would want to tell him if I had him in front of me is: thank you for giving me life," he said. 

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We are interested to see how Gabriel's family will respond to this interview.