Josh Duhamel Explains What Date Night with Fergie Usually Entails


Fergie and Josh Duhamel have 13 years under their belts, and yet, there's always room for date night.

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While on the 2017 Billboard Music Awards red carpet, Duhamel dished on how he and his wife keep the romance alive, despite juggling their careers and son, Axl

"What does date night look like now?" Duhamel pondered, after being asked the question. "It's dinners. It's trying to get away for a quick weekend, maybe. Things like that. More chill." AKA, it doesn't involve adventurous sports or anything of the sort. And what are they usually jammin' to when heading out for a low-key night on the town? "For me, The Chainsmokers," the "Transformers actor" revealed. "I love The Chainsmokers. She'd probably be Drake, but she loves The Chainsmokers, too. We like good music."

Earlier this year, the 44-year-old actor explained the secret to their marriage, which isn't anything grandiose. "You know, we still really like each other," Duhamel said. "That's important."

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Sounds easy enough. Watch more of Duhamel's explanation below: