John Leguizamo Calls Upon Latinos to Step Up For #BlackLivesMatter

John Leguizamo Calls Upon Latinos to Step Up For #BlackLivesMatter
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From time to time, funny many John Leguizamo puts the jokes aside and gets real about hard-hitting social issues.

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Leguizamo opened up about recent tragic events and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, explaining that we must all unite to move forward.

“We’re not strangers to Black Lives Matter. How many people are being abused by border patrol? How much horrible abuse is not being filmed because people don’t have access to iPhones? There’s a lot of abuse going on and brown lives matter, too. And we’ve gotta do our part,” he told Remezcla. “We’ve gotta do our social media part, people need to protest, you need to call government officials, write letters. We’ve gotta do everything to help our black brothers and sisters, and also speak up for ourselves.”

The 51-year old comedian made sure to highlight the Latino community, in particular: “Latin people are the most bullied people in this country right now. It’s the minority that’s the most bullied in schools, and there’s a huge amount of violence being perpetrated on our kids. And it’s a tragedy and it shouldn’t be happening, and it really hurts me as an American.”

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Many other celebrities have spoken out on similar issues, placing importance on the idea that Latinos must be factored into the #BlackLivesMatter movement for any change to happen.