John Leguizamo Fires Back: "I'm Proud of My Colombian and Puerto Rican Heritage"

John Leguizamo, who will be the Global Ambassador to the Arts at Sunday's Puerto Rican Parade in New York City, has released a statement countering his estranged father's claim that the family is not Puerto Rican.

"I am proud of my Colombian and Puerto Rican heritage and can't wait to see all my peoples at the parade on Sunday." And in true Leguizamo style, he added "If you want to know more about my heritage, I have a detailed chart in my Broadway show, Ghetto Klown."

In a poll, 50% of you didn't think it was a big deal if he wasn't Puerto Rican. In the Latina offices, a fight ensued as the Puerto Ricans and the Colombians tried to claim him for their own. In the end, John is Latino and we love him for it.

And yes, he said peoples.