Joe Simpson to Tony Romo: I'll Manage Your Career, and Sell Your Engagement to Jessica

More details have emerged from the rift between quarterback Tony Romo and his sort-of-on-again girlfriend, Jessica Simpson. After weeks of speculation that the couple's relationship was put on the rocks due to Jess's budinsky of a father, Joe Simpson, a source tells Us Weekly that Joe asked Tony to drop his agent so he could take over his NFL career and $67.5 million contract.

Joe even offered to broker a deal to sell the couple's engagement and wedding to a magazine should they get engaged. "'If you guys have a marriage, I can do the same [sell it] that I did with Ashlee,'" the source quotes Joe as saying. The statements led to Tony delivering an ultimatum to Jess: Get dad to back off or else.

"It's unfair to criticize me for what every manager does for his or her clients," says Joe in his own defense. "And in this business, where people can quickly turn on you, who better than a parent to be working for his children?"

Looks like Joe Simpson has found an even more effective way to keep Jess to himself than that creepy engagement ring he gave her when she was still pretending to be a virgin. And we thought our papis were overprotective!