Joe Jonas Professed His Love to Camilla Belle Before They Even Dated!

Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle were only "outed" as a couple last week, but the pop singer dropped the L-word when talking about his new girlfriend eight months ago! Back in March, Shine On-Media did a sitdown video interview with all three Jonas Brothers. When asked about the strangest rumor each one had ever read about themselves, here's what the Hot One had to say: "That I'm dating Camilla Belle. I love her, so if she's watching this right now, I love you Camilla Belle. I will marry you. I'm just saying."

So far Camilla doesn't seem fazed by her new man's premature admission, or about the fact that his brother Nick appears to be equally enamored with her in this video. To which we say: OMG, ew.

Fast forward to 2:30 to hear Joe Jonas talking about his #1 Crush-turned-girlfriend.