Jodi Arias Testifies: I Don't Remember Stabbing My Lover 27 Times

The plot thickens in the Jodi Arias murder trial when after nearly two months into it, Arias told jurors in a Phoenix courtroom Wednesday morning that she killed former lover Travis Alexander in self-defense, but doesn't remember stabbing him nearly 30 times. Arias faces the death penalty if convicted of the June 2008 stabbing and shooting death of Alexander in his suburban Phoenix home.

"I just remember dropping the knife and being very freaked out and screaming," Arias, 32, told jurors Wednesday after weeks of testifying about her and the victim's kinky sex life. Arias said the knife was the same one Alexander used that afternoon when he tied her up for sex shortly before his death.

"Do you have memory problems, ma'am?" prosecutor Juan Martinez asked on Thursday.

"Sometimes," Arias replied.  

Arias testified on Wednesday that she remembers Alexander in a rage, body slamming her and chasing her around his home "like a linebacker," after she accidentally dropped his new digital camera while taking provocative photos of him in the shower.

She said she grabbed a gun from his closet, and it went off as they tussled, but she wasn't sure if she shot him. She had no explanation for his 27 stab wounds and slit throat. Arias testified she "just wanted to die" afterwards, but decided to try and act normal as she drove into Utah to visit another man she had plans with that night.

She says she tossed the gun in the desert, dropped the rope in a Dumpster near St. George, Utah, washed the blood from her hands with a case of bottled Costco water she kept in her trunk and put on a spare pair of work shoes.

Prosecutors say Arias planned the killing in a jealous rage, savagely attacking Alexander in his bedroom, then dragging his body into his shower. Authorities do not believe Alexander owned a gun, even though Arias has repeatedly denied bringing any weapons to his home.

Arias' grandparents reported a .25 caliber handgun—the same caliber used to shoot Alexander—stolen from their Northern California home about a week before the killing, but Arias claims to know nothing about the robbery.