10 Times Joanne the Scammer Inspired Us All to Be Messy Bitches

Honestly, truly. If you don't know who Joanne the Scammer is, then you need to reevaluate your life.

We kid. But really, Joanne the Scammer has become the ultimate lying, scamming, fraudulent, messy bitch-living-that-Caucasian-life viral sensation we can't get enough of.

Behind Joanne is Branden Miller, a 25-year-old gay man who, according to an interview with the Fader earlier this year, was adopted by a white couple when he was a baby, but is actually black and Puerto Rican by way of his birth parents. Miller grew up in Hopewell, Virginia and at age 18, he began doing porn to help make ends meet. In 2015, with the introduction of himself dressed up in drag as Joanne, Miller's life completely changed — and so did the lives of everyone who quickly became obsessed with his hilarious videos.

“I just want to let you girls know that I’m a real messy bitch — a liar, a scammer. I love robbery and fraud. I’m a messy bitch who lives for drama,” Joanne says in her very first Instagram post.

Here are 10 times Joanne the Scammer (with her super petty ways) inspired us all to be messy bitches:

1. Joanne the Scammer Videos 1


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"Had to remind one of my high school friends she's not ahead of me in beauty or wealth."

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"My ex boyfriends new girl thinks is cool to stalk me via Facebook. Well think again urban girl because my page is officially private boo. Let's speak never again."

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"Out in Houston Texas scamming the drug lords. Let's chat later.."

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"My ex boyfriend thinks I'm a fool so I had to show up to his house for my rent money I loaned to him. Sadly you can't help dogs. Or bitches either."

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"Woke up out of my nap just to remind a bitch she is beneath me."

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"Beverly Hills was a blast."

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"Finally, you get to see how I live Like a Caucasian!"

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"I'm still way too intoxicated from last night to argue with my ex boyfriend and his new wife. But I'll fight them 2 on 1 and I will win this intoxicated morning."

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"So my ex boyfriend's new wife decides she wants to hide behind snapchat filters on Facebook. Little does she know they wont help with an ugly face. I sent this to her out of spite."

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"So I invited my ex boyfriend over for dinner and he was way to greedy for my liking so I called the cops on him."