JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Nick Swisher to Honeymoon In...Afghanistan?

For their first trip together since their wedding, Cuban American actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher and her hubby (New York Yankees outfielder, Nick Swisher) are heading to Afghanistan. Is this a honeymoon? Not exactly. Zap2it is reporting that the couple plans to visit U.S. troops in the country. 

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“Three military officers came to the Yankee locker room and asked if any of us would like to visit the troops,” Swisher told the website. “My hand went straight up, I said, 'I'm in.' I knew JoAnna would want to go. It will be our first trip since we got married," he said.

Garcia-Swisher seems excited about the trip. “We are both really looking forward to visiting the troops,” she said. “Yes, it isn't a traditional honeymoon, but it is something we both feel strongly about. We'll probably make a stop in Europe on our way back.” We hope the couple enjoys their trip!

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