J.Lo Turns to Her Mother for Support with the Kids

With half of all marriages ending in divorce, more and more kids are getting used to having parents who have split. But how will Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony help 3-year-old twins Max and Emme deal? The answer, for Jennifer at least, may lie in part with her mom and confidante, Guadalupe.

All the Single Ladies! Mamis Working It On Their Own

When Jennifer was in Paris for promotional appearances in June, it was mom who was with her, spotted hugging her daughter and spending time with her grandchildren in a park. When Jennifer got an invite to meet Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge earlier this month, it was mami, not Marc (or her wedding ring) who went with her. Jennifer, her mom and the kids also hit Disneyland without Marc on June 25.

Though the superstar and her mom had a difficult relationship for years due to Jennifer’s leaving the family’s Bronx home at 17 to chase her dreams of being an entertainer, the birth of the babies in 2008 brought them together. In a VH1 Behind the Music special, Jennifer said that when the kids were born, Guadalupe sent Jennifer a card that read, ‘The way you love Max and Emme, that’s how much I love you.’

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split

The two mended fences and Guadalupe even moved next to Lopez’s Long Island mansion to help with the kids. “She likes having her around, even if it’s just to ask her advice,” a source once told InTouch magazine.

And you can see why. The good values that Guadalupe taught Jennifer and sisters Lynda and Leslie, stayed with the star. “My mother taught me all about clean living. I have never taken a drug, never smoked a cigarette and do not drink at all. My mother embedded it all in to us when we were young. Those basic values were drummed into my head: ‘Be good. Work hard. Do the right thing. Don’t hurt anybody.’ ”

Those are values that Jennifer said she wants to pass on to her kids. “I now want to be as good a mom to my children as my mother was to me,” Jennifer said, adding that “my mom taught me that I could do anything I wanted to do – even be President of the United States.”

With mami at her side to reinforce the message, raising the kids as a single parent may be a bit easier.