Daily Chisme: J.Lo Gets $10 Million Lawsuit Dismissed

Wondering what we are buzzing about? Bueno, get your chisme on below:

- Jennifer Lopez is getting the last laugh! E! Online reports that a judge dismissed the $10 million lawsuit filed by her ex-husband, Ojani Noa. He sued his former wife after he received cease-and-desist letters from her legal team for the film he was working on titled, I Owe JLo.

The movie was going to reveal personal details of their marriage. Jennifer made sure to shutdown production and called the project “unmarketable.”

We hope this ends his attempts of banking on their marriage with ‘tell-all’ projects.

- Rumor has it that Sofia Vergara's man, Nick Loeb, wasn't too thrilled about her wardrobe malfunction during the Emmy Awards. According to Page Six, he was overheard commenting about the dilemma backstage. He reportedly said, "Ugh, I need to smoke a cigarette. Her dress got stuck on the seat and made a huge rip. Her whole [bleep]ing ass was sticking out." Ay! We have a jealous one over here!

- Who doesn’t want to take beauty advice from Salma Hayek? The Mexican actress revealed one of her daily rituals, according to People en Español. “Always wash your face at night. A strange tip? Don’t ever wash your face in the morning.” Why? She believes your face secretes natural oils over night that prevent aging. We think she’s on to something!

- Demi Lovato opened up about her eating disorder and life after treatment on Katie yesterday. The “Skyscraper” singer revealed that she suffered from body image issues at the age of 3. Demi confessed that going to treatment saved her life, "The only way to accept yourself is to say, 'God, I'm giving it to you,' or whatever you feel gives you that power. It's just surrendering and saying, 'I can't do this to my body anymore. I'm going to let my body be what it naturally is supposed to be.'"

Watch her message for young women below and tell us if you can relate to her story: