Jessica Simpson: Tony Romo Loves My New Curves

Has gaining weight become a new trend in Hollywood? First Eva Longoria Parker started packing on the pounds, and now her pal Jessica Simpson is following suit--though, Jessica's extra curves can be attributed not to a film role, but love.

Jess's boyfriend, Tony Romo, reportedly can't get enough of Jessica's curvier figure, and has encouraged her to loosen up on her strict regime.

"Whether she's catching one of Tony's games, or just hanging out with him, she'll throw back a couple of beers, eat some pizza and just have fun," the singer's friend tells OK! magazine. "She is just in a different place than she used to be and her weight gain is a reflection of that."

Jessica's throwing her diet books out the window and calling off her trainer in favor of relaxing with her boyfriend and enjoying her favorite foods. "She's done depriving herself and missing out on life just to fit into a size 2 jeans," the friend says. "She doesn't think there's anything wrong with the way she looks."

Apparently, neither does Tony. We've never been the biggest fans of blabbermouth Jessica Simpson, but we couldn't be happier that someone so high-profile has decided to break the size-zero mold and opt for a healthier, more realistic frame. And if she's got a man who supports that, we say hold on tight. Just don't suffocate him, okay Jess?