Jessica Simpson Meets Tony Romo's Parents - at the Olive Garden

So, doesn't look like Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are breaking up any time soon. The popstar-turned-country singer—who's grown accustomed to fancy dinners in Beverly Hills—proved her love for her down-to-earth quarterback boyfriend by taking him and his parents to the Olive Garden in Janesville, Wisconsin, where Tony grew up and had returned to play in a golf tournament.

"We thought it was a big joke," restaurant manager Doug Belfanz tells People, of when he heard Jess had made a reservation. "Jessica Simpson's not going to the Olive Garden in Janesville, Wisconsin!" Not only did she, but Jessica also proved she's a regular gal by indulging in red wine and three-cheese ziti, menu items banished from most strict celebrity diets. "She scooted up next to him during the meal," says Belfanz. "They were acting like a couple."

According to restaurant staff, Jessica and the Romo clan seemed to be getting along swimmingly. "They were laughing," Belfanz says. "It was just a big family being out." Jess even remembered her Southern manners and complimented the chefs on the meal.

Jessica Simpson eating carbs at a chain restaurant to impress Tony and his family? she must really be in love. If we ever catch her ordering the Unlimited Breadsticks, we'll know either wedding bells or a baby are just around the corner.