Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Reunite in L.A.

Say what you will about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (and we're sure football fans have a mouthful), but the man is a gentleman. Whether or not those rumors that Tony dumped Jessica Simpson are true, he showed up in L.A. this weekend to escort Jess to her sister Ashlee's wedding to Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz.

According to, Tony and Jess were spotted dining at Katsuya restaurant in LA on Saturday, and Perez Hilton reports that they were later seen driving to Joe Simpson's Encino home with formalwear hanging in the back seat of their car. The couple flashed some fake-looking smiles for the camera but nothing seems to be keeping those break-up rumors at bay. Earlier in the week Dallas Morning News columnist Alan Peppard wrote "two people close to Tony and Jess have told me that the glam couple is splitsville, kaput, over, put a fork in it."

Both Jessica's and Tony's reps have been eerily silent about the rumors. We feel sorry for Jess, but we can't say we're not thrilled that Tony might be single again. How about giving las chicas Latinas a try, huh Tony? Your grandparents would be proud!