Jessica Alba Wears a Faja After Giving Birth!

Jessica Alba opened up to Lucky magazine about her maternity requirements and how she stays so happy, healthy and gorgeous throughout pregnancy.  The 30-year-old Hollywood actress, who is also our August cover girl, has a list of rituals that helped her during her first pregnancy with now 3-year-old Honor Marie.  Alba is pregnant with her second baby with husband Cash Warren and is due to give birth any day now.

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One of Alba's top tips for expectant mothers is to drink lots of water and stay active.  She certainly practices what she preaches; the star of Robert Rodriguez’s Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World! (out on August 19) has been out and about all over Hollywood during her second pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is another must-have for Alba.  “I have a bad back and bad knees and it really prepares your body.  The more limber you are and the stronger you are, the easier your birth,” she said.  “And isn’t that what everybody wants?” 

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba's Tips on Staying Stylish While Pregnant

Indulging in manicures and facials during pregnancy was another suggestion from Alba.  “Pamper yourself, because once the baby comes you’re crazed for a long time,” she said.  The Machete star, who copped to the Latina tradition of wearing a faja from the moment she gives birth until “it doesn’t feel loosely goosey anymore,” said she doesn’t wear many maternity clothes.

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Alba, who shared with us her tips on how to stay stylish during pregnant, said she would pick Cuban American designer Narciso Rodriguez if she could only wear one designer for the rest of her life.