Jessica Alba Tells Vogue Italia: "After the pregnancy, I felt liberated”

Jessica Alba was recently featured in Italian Vogue in an incredibly fashion-forward photo shoot, taking another step in the direction of cementing herself as a style icon. But in addition to talking fashion, the actress also opened up about being a mommy and said that getting pregnant was the best thing she could have ever done to get over her body image issues.

"After the pregnancy, I felt liberated," admitted the mexicana. "I learned to accept my body and to give less importance to my appearance."

Alba also touches upon the pressure in Hollywood to look great and show off your body. "I have always been very aware of my looks," she told the mag. "And I have worked hard to work on them and keep them." It's actually been refreshing to hear so many starlets actually cop to how much effort they have to put in to maintaining those ideal shapes and flawless faces. But just because she is beautiful, does not mean that Alba plans on showing off her goodies anytime soon.

"I am basically conservative due to the way I was raised by my parents," says the smoldering star of her refusal to get nude in front of a camera. "I know how this market works and I am prepared to play along but getting naked does not interest me at all."

Stick to your guns Jessie, so far your refusal to go full monty does not seem to have hurt your career, or your image as one of the most beautiful women in all of Hollywood!