Jessica Alba on Social Service: "We Try To Give Back Anyway We Can"

Jessica Alba is sharing her passion for social service for Self magazine's September cover story.

The 30-year old Mexican actress shares her passion for her latest business venture, The Honest Company, which provides affordable non-toxic and organic baby products. Jessica is also planning on releasing a how-to guide on living an organic and non-toxic life titled, The Honest Life.

"It’s a deep passion of mine," says Jessica about her business. "I spend all my time at the office. I think it’s a nice balance to Hollywood because this is something that I could actually control. I could see [it through] from the beginning to the end and there’s something really wonderful and fulfilling about that," she adds.

When it comes to social service, the Hollywood star and husband, Cash Warren, make it a team effort. "My husband and I have both been active with social issues in anyway we can raise awareness on things that we feel strongly about," she continues, "The unemployment rate is higher than it has ever been and we have to change that."

Visit the campaign Jessica supports and watch her interview below!