Jessica Alba Reveals Post-Baby Workout Secrets

Mexican-American actress, Jessica Alba recently shared how she managed to get her flawless bikini body back after just nearly five months since giving birth to daughter Haven Garner. The mother of two revealed to that she has her daughters to thank for the quick slim down. “I'm running around after a 3 ½-year-old so that always keeps you on your toes,” said the 30-year-old movie star. 

Besides chasing after her firstborn Honor Marie, Alba admits that she was a little more cautious about her diet the second time around, “It was my second pregnancy so I think I just didn't indulge as much," she states. "It was easier to snap back."

Jessica Alba On Dropping Her Baby Weight: "I Made Healthier Choices"

According to the famous mami, diet and exercise are definitely the key elements to bouncing back to your perfect post-baby figure. Her least favorite (but effective) workout move is called “burpees." “You have to squat down, do a push up and then clap your hands above your head," she reveals.

Despite having a "mean trainer" and staying on top of her exercise, Alba reveals that working out just isn’t a priority while she is home with her family. "I just feel thankful and blessed that I have two beautiful children," she states. "That's my focus."