Jessica Alba Prepares for Baby's Arrival

Jessica Alba has swapped out her hectic work (and gym) schedule for frantic preparations for motherhood. The very pregnant actress told People, "I'm just trying to get my house ready before the baby comes. It's kind of hectic, it's getting close and the house isn't even ready yet!"

Luckily, Jess isn't at all busy shooting or promoting any movies to distract her from her most important task: getting ready to welcome little Honor Warren into the world. "I'm not working so it's been a good place to put all my energy...a nice distraction," she said at an event at Lucques restaurant in West Hollywood.

"I'm used to having to be somewhere all the time, and it's kind of the first time in my life where I really haven't been working in a while, and now it's just about the baby being healthy, the house being ready, and nesting, it's really different. It's cool—I feel like I'm fully absorbing the whole experience."

The most challenging part of pregnancy for Jessica has been keeping up with the nutritional demands of her condition. "I have to make sure that I'm eating more of the right nutrients and vitamins, but I'm not used to eating this much," she says. "I've had to take time out of the day to eat before I get cranky and rundown and tired. Before I was just like the energizer bunny."

Don't worry, Jessica! You'll be able to start dieting again as soon as the baby is out. We're sure you'll have the killer body you were famous for back in no time. Maybe Mariah Carey will give you the name of her nutritionist?