Jessica Alba May Sell Baby Pics After All

Is it that she's hard up for cash (no pun intended), or is Jessica Alba just trying to throw us off the trail? After denying rumors that she's pondering offers for the first photos of her newborn Honor Marie, sources reveal that the exact opposite is true. MSN reports that several insiders say offers were made to Jessica, that she was kept in the loop and that some talks are still in progress. "She is part of the talks, I don’t know why she'd go out and say that," one source said.

Sounds like we might have to wait a while to get a glimpse of little Honor Marie, but in the mean time, Jessica's brother Josh Alba is gushing about his baby niece, who he described to as "very beautiful."

"I can never tell with newborns," Josh said when asked if Honor takes after her mommy or daddy. "There are not really any features. I can't tell yet." Considering she won the genetic lottery by having one of the world's hottest women for a mother, we're pretty sure Honor will be a beautiful little girl. Suri Cruise, watch your back!