Jessica Alba "Can’t Really Imagine Having More" Kids

Two just might be the perfect number for Jessica Alba! Our August cover girl, who is mother to 3-year-old Honor Marie, admits that children are a lot of work and said she may be all set with two.  “And at the end of a pregnancy, it’s sort of like you can’t really imagine having more,” the 30-year-old said.  “But we’ll see.”  The Mexican American actress is pregnant with her second child with husband Cash Warren and should be giving birth any moment now.

Jessica Alba on Honor Marie “Drinking Vino & Driving Cars” 

Alba, who stars in Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming new film, Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, also shared how the director developed the role based on her experiences as a working mom.

“Just being a working mom and trying to do a million things at once,” she said.  “Robert and I would talk about character in Machete or we would talk about work stuff and I’d have my daughter on my hip and she would want my attention or she’d want something and so I’d be like ‘Can you hold on one second?’ and then tend to her and then try to multi-task.”

Robert Rodriguez on Jessica Alba: “She’s a Badass Mom”

With motherhood, Alba said she feels much more grounded and settled.  “I feel like before I was a mother, my identity was wrapped around my career and now it has nothing to do with that,” she said.  “Its really about being a good mother and a good wife and daughter and friend.”