WATCH: Jessica Alba Knows How To Be Positive On The Internet!

Jessica Alba attends the 2014 New York Women In Film And Television 'Designing Women' Awards Gala
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#Breakfree and spread the love!

Jessica Alba has teamed up with Braun to encourage positivity in our world -- especially on social media. 

"Together, our goal is to empower women all over the world to break free and to believe in their personal strength by giving them the self-confidence they deserve," the brand says on their website

In a minute long video released by the German beauty company, the 33-year-old actress encourages women to be more generous toward one another. Her mission? To build the world's longest positivity chain. 

"I challenge you to write down something positive about someone," Alba says. "Take a selfie, and post it. Give a shoutout to someone who deserves it. And #breakfree." The inspiring video then shows women as they pass along uplifting messages to other chicas

Do you have something positive to say today? Join the movement with the hashtag #breakfree!