Jessica Alba on Baby Honor: "She Can Do Whatever She Wants - When She Finishes College"

While most new parents spend the first few months trying to figure out how to properly put a diaper on their babies, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are already thinking about the rules their daughter Honor Marie Warren will have to follow when she's a young lady. The most important one: no acting before she gets her degree.

"When she finishes college, she can do whatever she wants," Jessica tells OK! Magazine. Cash, on the other hand, proves he's going to be the more relaxed parent by admitting he can understand kids' drive to be famous. "I think at some point all little kids express that desire, because they're so used to being treated like a star," he says.

But it seems like Jessica is the one who has the final word. "[An education] is only going to benefit her in whatever she wants to do," she stresses. Sounds to us like Jessica is hoping Honor will stay away from show business and get into a more stable career. Perhaps one day we'll be calling her Dr. Honor Warren?