Jennifer Lopez's Bicoastal Weekend

Jennifer Lopez has a busy weekend ahead of her: after competing in a triathlon this Saturday in Malibu, California, In Touch Weekly is reporting that she's set to attend her husband Mark Anthony's 40th birthday bash at the Bowery Hotel in New York City that same evening.

Jennifer has been planning Mark's birthday for months, the tabloid reports. An insider adds, "She has planned every detail, from the food to the decor, sparing no expense. She wants to give him a night he'll always remember."

Now, we know private jets can do amazing things, but we didn't know time traveling was one of them. How else could she be swimming in the Pacific at 9 a.m., and partying in Manhattan at 9 p.m.? We guess it's possible—but only if you're a superhuman like Jennifer. Something tells us she'll pull it off, looking fabulous the whole time.