Is Taylor Swift Feuding With J.Lo?

Star magazine is claiming that Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift didn't get along when Swift brought J.Lo on as her surprise concert performer on August 24. The magazine said Lopez was "rude" to some of Swift's friends and demanded they not look at her or talk to her.

They even went as far as saying that the young blonde singer has decided never to work with Lopez again or even invite her to one of her concerts.

But according to E! News, this couldn't be further from the truth. A source told E! that, "Jennifer and Taylor hit it off tremendously and they had a blast working together, as did their respective crews."

"Taylor loved working with Jennifer, and was so impressed with her professionalism," continued the source. "Taylor is even putting together a video of her week of shows in L.A., and this will be a big part of that. Clearly, she would not do that if she was not going to work with her again."

And if that isn't proof enough, check out the photo below snagged from J.Lo's Instagram: