VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Fly Girl Moves

Jennifer Lopez’s In Livin’ Color days may be long gone, but the Boricua from the Bronx hasn’t forgotten her fly girl moves! J.Lo recently took the stage for El Ley’s dance event, and quickly hushed her naysayers with show-stopping, hip-swaying moves.

During her recent interview with Gayle King for CBS, the “Dance Again” singer commented on her love for performing. J.Lo said, “I love acting and dancing so much. There’s a different pace with acting. It’s much more internal.”

She continued, “Dancing is more expressive and physical. It would be hard to pick one. They are both necessary for me.”

Check out Jennifer Lopez breaking down her fly girl moves below and let us know what you think!

Note: Skip towards the end of the video to see J.Lo in action.