Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Daily Routine

For those of us who are convinced that Jennifer Lopez is a superhero, not a mere mortal, the new mom has given us a glimpse into her daily routine to prove that she is human, after all.

She's spent the summer training for a triathlon, building her fashion and accessories empire, getting back in front of the camera for her first film role in years, and—of course—raising her newborn twins Max and Emme. But only recently did Jennifer decide to enlist some domestic help.

"I did it for a long time but we started using a nanny a few weeks ago," Jennifer tells People. "[Most days] I get up early with them. Then when the nanny comes, I can take a shower and give them their breakfast. She's there to help me get things done."

In spite of having an extra pair of hands around to help with diaper changing, Jennifer worries about how she will balance motherhood with her dozens of projects. "It's gonna be a learning experience. How will I do both? I try to take breaks from work," she says. "I'll do a little work with the choreographers and then come back. I try to spend every free moment with the babies."

The mornings are her favorite time with the twins. "When they see you and have that big smile on their face...I live for that," she says. "And when I put them to bed at night and they melt in your arms. I give them a bottle and wind it down. I say, 'It's time for beddy-bye.' I hold them and sing a little song. By the time you know it, they are asleep."

Jennifer may have worked up a serious sweat training for the Malibu triathlon, which she completed this past Sunday, but one thing she's not sweating over is how long it will take to get back her pre-baby body. "The triathlon really helped get me in better shape, and snapped me back into my body," she says, referring to last weekend's Nautica Malibu Triathlon. "I don't weigh myself a lot. I still have 10 pounds or so. [But] I don't have any problems with it. I never felt I had to get rid of it."

The secret to her zen-like attitude toward weight loss? "I think you have to love yourself and indulge when you want to, as well as be happy and just have a healthy attitude towards it."

It certainly helps that Jenny has a husband who adores her, and all of her curves. "We like to eat!" she says of husband Marc Anthony, adding that "Marc loves the way I look!"

So, she's got love, money, health, fame, children and looks better than we've ever seen her. If Jennifer's not a superhero, we contend that she's at least super-human.