Jennifer Lopez Ready to Slip Back into Infamous Green Versace Gown

Retna Ltd. & Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez maybe all about motherhood, marriage and maturity these days, but the singer-slash-fashion icon hasn't forgetten about her days as a risk-taker.

Honoring her pal Donatella Versace at the Fashion Group International Night of Stars event in New York Thursday night, Jennifer recalled one of her more infamous ensembles, created for her by the house of Versace itself.

The place was the Grammy awards in 2000, when Jennifer—then on the verge of a breakthrough in her musical career—showed up arm-in-arm with Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, in a green palm-leaf patterned dress cut down-to-there. It made her a star overnight.

"For me, it was one of the eye-opening moments of what a dress could actually do," Jennifer tells People. "And I was on the cover of the paper the next day, because of that Versace dress. No, I'd wear it [now]," she said with conviction.

Her hubby Marc Anthony, who was lingering nearby, has his own ideas about whether Jennifer would ever wear the scandalous outfit again. "Maybe as a wife, she wouldn't," Marc interjected, as Jennifer laughed.

Um, creepy! Looks like controlling Marc would prefer to see his wife in structured forties-style dresses that keep her covered from neck to ankle, than to let her show off her hard-earned hardbody. We always knew Marc had a certain, um, hold over Jennifer, but to hear it out loud gives us the shivers. If we were Jennifer Lopez, we'd be wearing that green Versace to the grocery store tomorrow, and making sure there were plenty of paparazzi around to see it.

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