Jennifer Lopez’s 5 Most Outrageous Demands

This week, Jennifer Lopez’s list of demands cost her BIG time. The NY Post reports that during negotiations to perform at the opening of India’s Premier League Cricket Tournament, (an event with more than 60 million viewers) her longtime manager, Benny Medina, requested a private plane and several hotel rooms for J.LO’s army of stylists, assistants and personal chefs. Pepsi IPL passed on the demands and decided to go with Pitbull instead.

Read on to learn more about the Puerto Rican superstar’s most notorious demands over the last decade!

1. Jennifer Lopez Demands: Dressing Rooms

2001: Dressing Rooms Galore

How many dressing rooms does a superstar need to prepare for a one-on-one BBC interview?  If you believe the reports, J.Lo needed nine dressing rooms to accommodate her 90-person entourage in 2001.

2. Jennifer Lopez Demands: Fiat Commercial

2011: Body Trouble

In 2011, reports revealed that "Jenny from the Block" never made it to her old block to film a Fiat commercial, which shows the superstar driving down the streets of the Bronx and telling us a story about how the streets inspire her. As part of her negotiations, she never actually left the west coast and she arranged for a body double to drive down the streets of her hometown in her place, which enraged many of the residents who came out to see her.

3. Jennifer Lopez Demands: London

2007: Someone Loves M&Ms

In 2007, Lopez spent two days in London promoting her new single, "Do It Well." Before her arrival, she sent the Hotel Dorchester a detailed two-page list of everything needed for her to enjoy her stay. The list included a microwave, coffee maker, toaster, bottled water, soft drinks, plain M&M’s, lilies or red or white roses, grapefruit, lime blossom candles.

4. Jennifer Lopez Demands: What's Going On

2010: White Everything!

In 2010, J.Lo joined a ton of other celebrities for an all-star charity remake of Marvin Gaye’s, "What’s Going On,” benefiting AIDS victims. So what did it take for her to agree to film 8 seconds of footage? A 45-foot trailer, white drapes, candles, white couches, white lilies, white tablecloths and apple pie (à la mode). (We're sensing a theme here...)

5. Jennifer Lopez Demands: American Idol

2010: American Idol

The show that reenergized her career almost didn't happen due to her long list of demands. Her requests included a $15 million dollar salary as well as a green-lit movie. After the usual back and forth, J-LO ended up 12 million dollars richer!