Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Who Gets What?

In the case of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s divorce—about which Lopez is said to be “devastated”—after the sadness may come the fight. The inevitable questions about their net worth and how they will divide up their money and assets have begun.

The couple is worth $350 million, according to a 2009 estimate by the National Enquirer, with Jennifer earning $25 million from May 2010 to May 2011, including her $12 million for American Idol judging duties. As the best-selling salsa singer ever, Marc Anthony’s net worth has been estimated in reports to be between $40 million to $60 million; People estimated his yearly intake from album sales and tours to be around $11 million in 2007.

How they split up that money depends on whether the couple has a prenup. If they don’t, the couple would split their marital assets—stuff they got together after the marriage—50/50. That’s the rule whether they are chose to file as legal residents of California, New York or Florida, where they own homes.

Which brings us to real estate. Who owns what? The Beverly Hills mansion is JLo’s, the Long Island spread is Marc’s. Each would keep those. They bought a house next door to the Long Island house, plus a Miami condo, together. That, they would split. In 2005, they sold a Bel-Air home they bought together in 2005 for $7.5 million.

Again, this is all provided they don’t have an ironclad prenup and though rumors have been circulating that they don't, it's hard to imagine the very together, very business-savvy JLo winging anything. Only time will tell.