J.Lo's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star: 25 Things She Hasn't Done Yet

The one and only Jennifer Lopez received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today! The 43-year-old Boricua superstar was honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce with star No. 2,500 on the coveted boulevard.

It's a huge accomplishment for the mogul, who has busted her butt in Hollywood for decades since dropping out of college. The star is a concrete mark that Lopez has an enternal place in Hollywood. She could hardly contain her excitement on Twitter earlier today, writing: " I wouldn't be where I am today w/o all of YOU and your infinite love & dedication. So excited for all of you to share this day with me!!! :)"

But what hasn't Lopez won, or done? Let's a take a look at the obvious holes in J.Lo's collection of accolades, and a fun look at what could be (with some colorful imagination):

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