J.Lo's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star: 25 Things She Hasn't Done Yet

The one and only Jennifer Lopez received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today! The 43-year-old Boricua superstar was honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce with star No. 2,500 on the coveted boulevard.

It's a huge accomplishment for the mogul, who has busted her butt in Hollywood for decades since dropping out of college. The star is a concrete mark that Lopez has an enternal place in Hollywood. She could hardly contain her excitement on Twitter earlier today, writing: " I wouldn't be where I am today w/o all of YOU and your infinite love & dedication. So excited for all of you to share this day with me!!! :)"

But what hasn't Lopez won, or done? Let's a take a look at the obvious holes in J.Lo's collection of accolades, and a fun look at what could be (with some colorful imagination):

1. jlo slide 01

Hasn’t Won a Grammy… Yet

Jennifer Lopez has had tremendous success in the music industry, but has she earned a Grammy yet? Nope. We think it’s about time!

2. jlo slide 12_beyonce

Hasn't Toured With Beyonce... Yet

Both divas are powerhouses in their own right - with that said, we'd love to see J.Lo and Beyonce tour together one day. One can dream...

3. jlo slide 03

Hasn’t Won an Emmy… Yet

We’re still hoping J.Lo will one day snag a killer television show with a killer role… and earn an Emmy for it.

4. jlo slide 04_wig

Hasn’t Owned a Wig Collection… Yet

It’s clear that J.Lo has used extensions and wigs before for her intense music performances. You can see this by the below video, in which part of the singer/actress’ hair comes undone and falls on stage while she’s in the zone. So why hasn’t J.Lo thought of launching her own wig line? Of course, something more sturdy than her own wigs.

5. jlo slide 06_island

Hasn’t Bought Her Own Island… Yet

Other big-time celebs have – and we know J.Lo has the dough for it.

6. jlo slide 11_fairy tale

Hasn’t Give Up On Love… Yet

Though her previous marriages haven’t worked out, J.Lo has yet to give up on the “fairy tale.” The superstar told ABC NewsAmy Robach that “yes” she would give marriage another chance. “I will never give up on that dream.”

7. jlo slide 08_telenovela

Hasn’t Starred in an Actual Full-Length Telenovela… Yet

J.Lo did this hilarious and overly exaggerated bit poking fun at telenovelas on Saturday Night Live – but has yet to play in an actual telenovela. You know, in Spanish…. on Univision or Telemundo.

8. jlo slide 02

Hasn’t Won an Oscar… Yet

Lopez has said she’d “of course” love to win an Oscar. “I think everybody that has ever taken acting seriously would love to be recognized in that way,” the actress told E! News earlier this year. She’s even thought of her acceptance speech.

9. jlo slide 05_tony

Hasn’t Earned a Tony… Yet

Though J.Lo hadn’t made a huge splash in theatre, we’d love to see her win a Tony Award one day. How feasible that is, we’re not sure. Do you think she can still accomplish this someday?

10. jlo slide 09_kids book

Hasn’t Written a Children’s Book… Yet

We don’t know… maybe J.Lo could write her own Bronx tale; a story of a little girl named Jenny, you know, from the block, who later owned became one of Forbes' no-brainer picks for the world's most powerful women? With plenty of really cute and colorful illustrations to retain children's attention spans, of course.

11. jlo slide 10_president

Hasn't Performed for a President... Yet

With her great stage presence, we think J.Lo would give one hell of a presidential performance.

12. jlo slide 14_madres

Hasn’t Opened a Restaurant in Her Native Bronx… Yet

The superstar opened up a restaurant called Madre’s in Pasadena, Calif. – but not yet in her native borough. We would love to see a J.Lo-owned spot in the Boogie Down Bronx.

13. jlo slide 16_broadway

Hasn't Produced a Broadway Play... Yet

We want to see J.Lo all over The Great White Way.

14. jlo slide 21_city key

Hasn’t Received a Key… Yet

By that, we mean a key to the city. Any city. Many other Latino celebrities have received keys to the cities, including Luis Guzman, Genesis Rodriguez, Rodrigo Santoro, and J.Lo’s frequent music collaborator Pitbull. New York City, get on it.

15. jlo slide 17_burger

Hasn’t Had a Burger Named After Her… Yet

Other celebs have juicy burgers named after them. There’s the “We Miss You Conan O’Brien Burger” by Jaws Jumbo Burgers – and the “Welcome Back Arsenio Hall Burger.” Now if we can just think of a name of a J.Lo burger…

16. jlo slide 18_school

Hasn’t Had a School Named After Her… Yet

You know you’re beyond influential when you have a school named after you. There’s Washington College, which was supported by the United States’ first President, George Washington. Oprah Winfrey has a school in South Africa… you get where we’re going. Where is J.Lo’s school?

17. jlo slide 19_diploma

Hasn’t Received an Honorary Doctorate… Yet

J.Lo has yet to receive an honorary doctorate degree from a university. Her ex-fiancé Ben Affleck received one recently from Brown University – and so did Pulitzer Prize winner (and fellow Latino) Junot Diaz

18. jlo slide 13_nobel

Hasn’t Been Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize… Yet

This might be a stretch, we know – but other celebs have been nominated.

19. jlo slide 07_kardashians

Hasn’t Gone the Kardashian Route… Yet

The Kardashians have multiple shows dedicated to their personal lives. J.Lo’s life is probably busier than the Kardashians combined, so a reality show (or even more) focused on her and her "dream team" would be highly entertaining.

20. jlo slide 20_auto

Hasn’t Written an Autobiography… Yet

Lopez has spoken endlessly about herself throughout the years, but we’d love to hear about it, in print. In her own words. Here she is signing CDs... but we wanna see her sign books.

21. jlo slide 25_styling

She Doesn’t Have Her Own Line Of Styling Products… Yet

J.Lo is always on top of her appearance, which is why we’d love for her to share the wealth – as in, share a line of style products such as curling irons and blow-dryers (like the late Jenni Rivera had). 

22. jlo slide 22_theme park

She Hasn’t Opened a Theme Park… Yet

J.Lo does not have a theme park in her name. You know, like Dolly Parton has Dollywood. We'd call it "J.LoHood." How does that sound?

23. jlo slide 23_scholarship

She Doesn’t Have a Scholarship Program… Yet

We’re not exactly sure what a scholarship program in honor of Jennifer Lopez would reward, but we’re guessing it would be give props to one’s dancing ability, talent, hustle, and overall awesomeness. Oh, and for being smart too. J.Lo's a smart cookie.

24. jlo slide 24_liquor

She Doesn’t Have Her Own Liquor… Yet

J.Lo has yet to pour some of her own draaaank. And we know she likes to party. What do you think, J.Lo?

25. jlo slide 15_amaze

Hasn’t Ceased to Amaze Us… Yet

It seems like Jennifer Lopez always has something up her sleeve. Earlier this year, she was officially appointed the chief creative officer of NuvoTV, and she recently landed a role in the highly-anticipated film based on the Chilean miners. So, what will Super-J.Lo do next? It could be one of the things we just listed ;) ... only time will tell.