Jennifer Lopez Hires Masseuse for Her Newborn Twins

First the couture dressing gowns, crystal chandeliers and French antique hampers, now weekly massuese services and color therapy. No, we're not talking about Mariah Carey's diva demands. These are just some of the luxuries Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's newborn twins Max and Emme have reportedly been enjoying in their first two weeks on Earth.

While most new parents are deciding between Pampers or Huggies, according to gossip site Showbiz Spy Jenny from the Block is making sure her little ones are the most stylish babies in the 'hood by showering them with diamond-encrusted rattles, 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, and matching Shetland ponies. Yes, that's right, little Max and Emme can't even hold their own heads up, but they have their own ponies. And, $600,000 worth of security—which comes in handy when your nursery is worth more than most adults' first homes.

“It may sound excessive but she’s only got her kids’ best interests at heart and
wants to give them the start in life she never had,” a friend of the Lopez-Anthony clan tells Showbiz Spy. The couple reported consulted friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes before they planned their nursery.

All we can do is throw our hands up and pray to Dios that none of this is true. Otherwise, it looks like Jennifer and Marc are likely raising themselves a pair of monsters. Make sure they sign those confidentiality agreements as soon as their motor skills develop, Jennifer, or else we're sure a Mami Dearest-style tell-all book is in their future.