Jennifer Lopez Gets Ready for Triathlon

Of all the things Jennifer Lopez has been called over the years (materialistic, marginally-talented, diva), lazy is not one of them. Now, the new mom is pushing herself harder than ever by training for a triathlon on Sept. 14-and the side effect may be that she finds herself in the best shape of her life.

Jennifer says on her Self magazine blog: "I've always loved sports. I used to be on a track team in school. And that's probably why I can think to myself now, 'Yeah, I can do this,' which is totally crazy!"

Not only is she pushing herself to new heights, Jennifer's doing it all in the name of charity: the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, to be specific.

How did Jenny decide to put herself through such on on rigorous test? “Well it came up when I was 8 months pregnant," she revealed on Good Morning America on Monday, "and I was beached like a wale. I was watching T’V and there was a triathlon and I thought to myself ‘I wonder if I can do that this year?’ And of course everyone thought I was crazy."

Her doubters should be checking themselves right about now, because not only is Jennifer determined to start the triathlon, she'll be darned if she doesn't finish it. She says, "I don't expect to win this race; my goal is to finish. I'll probably end up crawling across the finish line, but I'll do it!"

We'd put money on this motivated mom not only finishing the race, but going home with a trophy!