Jennifer Lopez Fights Back! Succeeds in Blocking Release of Tapes

Jennifer Lopez was riding high with a super-successful stint on American Idolcapped off with an amazing performance alongside hubby Marc Anthony—until her ex-husband Ojani Noa, whom she married back in February of 1997 and divorced less than a year later, managed to exploit a legal loophole and sold intimate home videos to his partner/producer (and rumored girlfriend) Claudia Vazquez.

Lopez's legal team has managed to block the videos release for years, citing a confidentiality agreement Noa signed back in 2002. But now, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Vasquez was allowed to use the footage. Executive producer Ed Meyer said: "The project will deal with J.Lo's rise to fame and her marriage to Ojani. Claudia will be meeting with video distributors on Tuesday, and hopefully, a deal can be made very soon."

Though the videos do not include, as some have speculated, pornographic material, they do show Noa and Lopez during their wedding, honeymoon and trip to Cuba. Some sources have claimed that there are about 20 minutes of nudity, which had a variety of illicit websites contacting Vasquez to make exorbitant bids.

Lopez's lawyers are fighting back. Attorney Jay Lavely says that Vasquez, who "bought" the rights to Noa's story for $1, can not just go ahead and make a movie herself. By "aiding, abetting, assisting, or acting in concert with Noa and Meyer," she is beholden to the same permanent injunction that's keeping them out of the tell-all business, he tells E! News.

Meanwhile, Ojani was on Univision's Sal y Pimiento over the weekend, defending himself and saying he's not the animal J.Lo's lawyers are painting him out to be.

TMZ is now reporting that J.Lo has scored a restraining order against Vasquez and that a judge has temporarily ruled that the video can't be released without Jennifer's sign off. Reportedly the judge thinks Claudia's motives are sinister.