Jennifer Lopez is Excited About 'Amigas!'

Jennifer Lopez and Wilmer Valderrama have been working on developing new television projects for Tres: MTV, Musica y Mas which have now been given the green light by the cable network, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions will launch Amigas, Inc. in the fall, which is an eight-episode series that centers on four entrepreneurial teenagers from Miami who launch a party planning business.

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“I’m so excited to bring the Amigas series to television and to share the rich cultural experiences of being a Latino that are universal to us all,” Lopez commented. “I hope that this series will entertain audiences and inspire my fans to pursue their own dreams.”

Another project given the go-ahead by Tres is a docuseries executive produced by Valderrama called The Ricardo Laguna Project, which follows Mexican-American BMX champion Ricardo Laguna, whom Valderrama discovered. The series will premiere in March with eight half-hour episodes.

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Valderrama said, “When I met Ricardo, I immediately discovered a disarming, charming and inspiring young man with a vision larger than even his whole family expected. I related to him on so many levels. Ricardo and his family remind me and all of us the reason why we move away from our countries and come to America to embark in the search of the American dream.”

Tres reaches 33.6 million households, which means that hopefully, these new shows will make a huge splash in television entertainment. Led by these superstars, they surely will.