Steppin' Out: Jennifer Lopez, Emme Muniz & Casper Smart, Victoria Justice and more

1. 100212 Steppin Out Jennifer Lopez

First Fashion Show: Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Casper Smart take her daughter Emme Muniz to Chanel Spring 2013 fashon show during Paris Fashion Week on October 1.

2. 100212 Steppin Out Salma Hayek

Front Row Friends: Salma Hayek and Kate Moss sit next to each other at the Saint Laurent Spring 2013 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on October 1.

3. 100212 Steppin Out Victoria Justice

Big Nerd: Victoria Justice wears a 'Geek' tee when arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on October 1.

4. 100112 Steppin Out William Levy

Love in New York: William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez hold hands as they head back to their New York City hotel on September 29.

5. 100112 Steppin Out Christina Aguilera

LA After Hours: Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matt Rutler have dinner in Los Angeles after the premiere of her new music video on September 28.

6. 100112 Steppin Out Salma Hayek

Fashion Elite: Salma Hayek and her husband Francois-Henri Pinault sit front row at the Stella McCartney fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on October 1.

7. 100112 Steppin Out Mana

Mana for Obama: President Barack Obama (center) and Mexican band Mana wave to the crowd during a campaign event at Desert Pines High School in Las Vegas on September 30.

8. 100112 Steppin Out Paulina Rubio

Pink Shirt Club: Paulina Rubio and her son Andrea Nicholas wear matching pink button-ups while out in Miami on September 29.