Jennifer Lopez Defends Beyoncé: "All Performers Do It at Some Point"

Jennifer Lopez defended Beyoncé’s now infamous national anthem rendition at President Obama's second inauguration Monday on The Daily Show last night. The performance, which has caused quite a stir after speculation that Beyoncé lip-synced "The Star Spangled Banner," was the first thing Jon Stewart asked Lopez about when she stopped by to promote her new film Parker.

“You know, sometimes it happens,” Lopez said. “When you’re in certain stadiums and in certain venues and stuff, they do pre-record things because you’re going to have that terrible slap back and…you know it…yeah, people do it. If I remember correctly, and you know I could be wrong, I think Whitney Houston was also recorded and it was a major rendition everybody loved. It became a huge hit. All performers do have to do it at some point.”

Lopez was correct in referring to Whitney Houston’s iconic 1991 interpretation of "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Super Bowl, which was lip-synced. A source told CBS News that Beyoncé performed the National Anthem live on Monday, but pre-recorded a track of the song to sing over. The source, who pointed out that this is a standard performing practice, also said the musical accompaniment by the marine band was also a recording.

Lopez then went on to gush about her twins, Max and Emme, who turn five next month: “They’re getting so big,” Lopez said.