Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Birthday 'In the Heights'

Jennifer Lopez seems to be done with making grand entrances. The mother of two, who at one point used to command attention on everything from the red carpet to the checkout aisle at the grocery store, celebrated her 39th birthday in uncharacteristically low-key style. Jennifer and hubby Marc Anthony quietly slipped into a show of Lin Manuel Miranda's In the Heights after the lights had gone down, so they wouldn't be fussed over.

"It's almost like every day is her birthday," Marc told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Friday. "So last night we just wanted it to be quiet and, you know, have a nice, quiet evening together."

"We sneaked in and got to sit in the audience and see other people be nervous," he added. "We had a blast!"

Marc insists their new low maintenence lifestyle will extend to his tour, which kicks off this week in Universal City, Calif. "When your foundation is stable and you're good, it doesn't really affect anything," he said. "It just amplifies what the experience feels like. It's that much more fulfilling, and you look forward to coming home. It's a great time."

Uhh, we think it's great Jennifer and Marc are getting some perspective in life after having their babies, but we don't exactly expect to see them flying coach anytime soon. Hopefully Jennifer will maintain some of her extravagant lifestyle—so we can live vicariously!